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"Dr. Fasanella is a true visionary whose ingenuity and genuine character invigorates his students and colleagues to explore the possibilities of a better world. Marc’s remarkable ability to embolden others with the skills and knowledge necessary to advance their personal and professional goals makes him an exceptional educator and mentor. I had the edifying experience of studying under his tutelage at Stony Brook University and collaborating with him at the Ecological Culture Initiative. Marc has and continues to serve as a mentor to me. He’s empowered me to strive for achievements I initially thought unreachable and to challenge the status quo. Through my time with Marc, I have come to see our environment and society in a more holistic and adaptable manner. Dr. Fasanella’s influence continues to positively shape my academic, professional, and personal aspirations.”

Ronald ‘RJ’ Theofield
 – Urban Planner
Masters of Community and Regional Planning, University of Oregon • Expected Graduation: 06 / 2020
BA Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning, Stony Brook University, magna cum laude: 05 / 2017
Permaculture Design Certificate Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies: 01 / 2016

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“The soil-clod footsteps of my journey into the environmental field are winding and indirect but Marc was an early, distinct link. One course with Marc as an undergrad and I couldn’t help but stick myself in his classrooms. He imbued an individual and collective ethic-of-care into discussions about environmentalism that inspired hope and action. Through working with Marc outside of the classroom I’ve seen this narrative of individual and local action come together in aligning a community around concern for the environment and an ethos of local sustainability. When considering just how much of an influence Marc has been, it’s possible that his effect on some of my beliefs around social and environmental justice stem from undergraduate classes and the time spent in ethics discussions with him. Perhaps he simply cultivated thoughts and feelings that were forming in my mind anyway. As a practitioner environmentalism I carry near and dear an awareness of the symbiotic relationship between life; the dependence of life on other life; hence the critical need, therefore, to respect and nurture the ecosystem around us. Marc remains a steadfast colleague, confidante, and friend; a deep mutual ethic-of-care for people, communities, and the environment necessitate that our paths will cross and intersect often.”

Jane Karetny – composter, community organizer, educator, planner, environmentalist
MS Environmental Science, Agro-ecosystems / City and Regional Planning – Ohio State University • Expected Graduation: 05 / 2020
BS Environmental Studies, Stony Brook University: 05 / 2014

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“My first interactions with Marc happened when I was a student in one of his courses during both of our first years at Stony Brook Southampton. Though he was kind and jovial, it didn’t take away from how serious he was about his craft and the information that he was teaching. It was clear that Marc was inherently driven to be productive and that was exactly the person I was drawn to. I immediately sought him out to discuss my work further and eventually went on to spend countless hours working with him on numerous projects both on and off campus. Our discussions were mutually constructive; we would have lengthy conversations developing his curriculum, or broadening my skills and knowledge. I was able to learn and hone my artistic abilities and, critically, connect them to nature, building a fundamental component of my perspective of the natural world. I learned the subtle sensibilities that continue to influence how I teach students, specifically adding my own consistent aesthetic impression on my course materials. It wasn’t just what he taught me but it was also how he taught, allowing me to have the space to develop my own ideas while also constructively keeping me focused so as to not let me get too far away from being productive.”

Nick Zanussi– Science Faculty, Walnut Hill School for the Arts
BS Environmental Studies with a concentration in Ecology and a minor in Ecological Systems and Human Impact - Stony Brook University: 05 / 2011

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Photograph:  Jeff Schultz

Photograph: Jeff Schultz